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Case Study:
Dhursan Construction

Dhursan Construction is a Sydney-based home builder founded by a team of experienced construction professionals. They are passionate about setting a new standard for home building in the Sydney market, prioritizing quality homes and exceptional value for their clients.


New Client Conversions


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Revenue

Standing out in Sydney’s crowded building market

Dhursan Construction, a company built on a strong foundation of experienced professionals, lacked a digital presence to showcase their expertise and compete effectively in the Sydney home building market. While their website existed, it likely wasn’t optimized for search engines or user experience. Additionally, social media management was absent, hindering brand awareness and lead generation.

Despite their expertise, Dhursan Construction lacked a digital presence to effectively communicate their value proposition and compete in the competitive Sydney home building market. Their current marketing efforts (if any) were likely not sufficient to:

  • Generate brand awareness among potential clients searching for home builders.
  • Showcase their team’s experience and qualifications.
  • Effectively communicate their commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

This lack of digital presence hindered Dhursan Construction’s ability to attract qualified leads and establish themselves as the “best” home builder they strive to be.

Building a Strong Digital Foundation for Dhursan Construction

Our Approach:

Ascend Spark implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to establish Dhursan Construction’s online presence and attract their target audience. Here’s how we addressed the challenge:

1. Website Development:

  • We designed and developed a user-friendly website that effectively communicates Dhursan Construction’s value proposition.
  • The website showcases their team’s expertise through bios, testimonials, and project portfolios.
  • Compelling visuals are used to highlight the quality and craftsmanship of their work.
  • Call-to-action buttons are strategically placed to encourage visitors to contact Dhursan Construction for a consultation or project quote.

2. Social Media Management:

  • We established and manage Dhursan Construction’s social media presence on relevant platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Engaging content is created to showcase their projects, share industry insights, and connect with potential clients.
  • Targeted social media advertising campaigns are implemented to reach a wider audience of homeowners looking to build in Sydney.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • We optimized Dhursan Construction’s website and online presence to improve search engine ranking for relevant keywords like “Sydney home builder,” “custom home builder Sydney,” and “luxury home builder Sydney.”
  • This ensures Dhursan Construction appears at the top of search results when potential clients search for these terms.

Building Success for Dhursan Construction

The Impact:

Ascend Spark’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Dhursan Construction yielded impressive results, propelling them towards their goal of becoming the leading Sydney home builder.

  • 45+ New Client Conversions: 

Our targeted approach successfully attracted a significant number of qualified leads, resulting in over 45 new client conversions for Dhursan Construction. This translates to a substantial increase in their client base and project opportunities.

  • 300% Increase in Conversion Rate: 

By optimizing their website and online presence, we facilitated a dramatic 300% increase in Dhursan Construction’s conversion rate. This means a much higher percentage of website visitors converted into paying clients, directly impacting their bottom line.

  • 5x Increase in Revenue:

The combined effect of increased brand awareness, lead generation, and client conversions led to a remarkable 5x increase in Dhursan Construction’s revenue. This significant growth demonstrates the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategy in propelling their business forward.

Ascend Spark’s data-driven approach transformed Dhursan Construction’s online presence. By establishing a strong digital foundation, we helped them attract new clients, convert leads more effectively, and achieve significant revenue growth. Dhursan Construction is now well-positioned to solidify their position as a leader in the Sydney home building industry, recognized for their expertise, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to client satisfaction.